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The Purple Cow, How to Be Remarkable, and the Secrets of Marketing in 2023: A Conversation with Seth Godin

The Purple Cow, How to Be Remarkable, and the Secrets of Marketing in 2023: A Conversation with Seth Godin

In a world that changes at blinding speed, the difference between success and failure is often a question of learning to adapt in a way that will serve your customers. What are some of the most important differences between marketing in the past and marketing in 2023, and how can you utilize these changes to grow your business? 

Join Meny Hoffman as he asks entrepreneur, best-selling author, world-famous blogger, and marketing guru Seth Godin about why advertising doesn’t work anymore, Seth’s fascinating innovations, the difference between permission marketing and interruption marketing, how to limit your audience in order to grow your business, why being first is overrated, the reason that you should lead your company like a surfer rather than a golfer, ways to integrate AI into your operations, and much more. 

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Keeping Business Hot When It’s Cold

It’s been a very long winter season, right?

Snow. Rain. Wind. Ice. Followed by more snow. The United States has experienced one of the most coldest, harshest winters in recent memory. An intense cold front – which meteorologists are calling the “Polar Vortex” – has sent icy an Arctic air jet streaming downwards into Canada, the USA, and even Northeastern Mexico.

But just because the weather is freezing doesn’t mean your business has to go the same route. Stores need to stay open; companies must produce real work; and the business marketplace will go on as usual, snow or no snow.

The analogy here is very relevant. If your business experiences a cold snap, don’t close up shop and blame the weather. Here are some timely Ptex Pointers you can use to keep your business hot, regardless of what the economic forecast calls for that day.

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Forget UPS, Forget FedEx: You Need A USP

I like to ask lots of questions. Especially when meeting with new clients and learning about their business challenges. My inquiries are always direct, to the point and easy to understand.

Well, almost always.

There’s one particular question I ask that often confuses the client sitting across from me. Here it is: “Can you tell me your company’s USP?”

For those working in the marketing world it’s a simple inquiry. But to the unacquainted, it can sound downright perplexing. The client will generally stare at me for a few moments with a bewildered expression and finally respond: “Are you asking if we deliver with UPS?”

And that’s when the fun really begins.

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