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Turning Failure Into Sustainable Success with Rabbi Steven Burg

Turning Failure Into Sustainable Success with Rabbi Steven Burg

When Rabbi Steven Burg took over the Aish HaTorah institutions, the organization had accumulated serious debt and was three months behind in payroll. Now, eight years later, Aish has become a massive success story, with new ventures, increasing numbers of students, a bigger budget, and positive cash flow. How did he do it – and what lessons can you learn from his experience in turning Aish and other failing organizations around?

Listen to this episode of Let’s Talk Business as Meny asks Rabbi Burg about his management philosophy, how to hire the right employees, why you need to learn how to delegate, the importance of ignoring the noise, the difference between vision and implementation, how you can revamp your business while simultaneously keeping it open, and more.

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Awakening the Entrepreneur Within—with Michael E. Gerber

Being a small business owner does not mean you have to keep your vision small. After all, to become big requires you to begin with what little you have. Renowned author of The E-Myth, Michael E. Gerber, is no stranger to starting small. In his seminal book, Michael dispels the myths surrounding starting and growing a business, and his teachings have inspired tens of thousands of business owners to stop working in their businesses, and start working ON their businesses. Today, he shares that wisdom with us, including the a-ha moment of how his seminal book came to be. He talks about the building blocks of growing and scaling a small business, touching on the most important ingredients—dream, vision, purpose, and mission. In this episode, awaken the entrepreneur within YOU and get inspired to take the steps needed to bring your business to the next level. Read more

You 2.0

You turn on your phone, and are greeted by a most familiar message.

An alert flashes across the screen giving you the option to update to the new and improved version of some app or software. Just a tap of the screen and presto! It’s better than ever.

This routine has become so commonplace in our mobile-centric lives. Today’s hyper-paced world has reached dizzying levels of speeds, and software developers are constantly rolling out new updates, security fixes, and improvements to their products in order to keep pace.

While there’s not much to do on our end, in reality there is a lot of work that goes into creating these updates. There is updated code to write, bugs to fix, development, testing, split testing, tweaking, consumer feedback, and more testing. It’s an ongoing, meticulous process.

Much like the phones that (unfortunately) control our lives, we, too, require periodic updates.

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