All American Poly

Case Study

Strategic and visual rebrand for the nation’s largest privately-held plastics manufacturer


the challenge

For nearly half a century, All American Poly Corp. has been manufacturing low density/linear low density polyethylene) sheeting & bags, with a focus in the areas of shrink bundling films, stretch & shrink hooder, and a range of custom sheeting liners.

The largest privately-held blown film extrusion manufacturer in the U.S., AAP services a variety of industries, including Food & Beverage; Building Supplies; Agricultural; Chemical; Textile; and Bedding & Furniture.

Despite not having the sheer size and manpower of industry conglomerates, AAP’s success - and the success of their clients - can be attributed to their ability to provide each client with hands-on, custom solutions that fit their respective needs


what was their next?

With their two largest competitors - both publicly-traded companies - undergoing a chaotic merger, the timing was especially ripe for AAP to craft a revamped identity centered on uncompromising quality (obviously), generational stability, and zero red tape of corporate bureaucracy - all major selling points.


the process

Every successful brand has a throughline, a common theme, that runs throughout their company. Even as they expand into new markets or product categories, as long as they maintain that common theme, that Big Idea, to put it in marketing-speak, they’ll be successful.

Our goal was to verbally and visually emphasize the throughline that defined All American Poly. The common thread that served as a distinct selling point, enabling AAP to be a national leader despite being smaller in size than its publicly-traded competitors:

Poly and People.


These two ideas formed the basis for everything that All American Poly did, does and will do.

In an industry rife with bottlenecks and red tape, AAP has none of it. Their ability to maintain personal relationships, offer customized solutions, and develop innovative products without going through layers of bureaucracy defines the company internally and externally.

Through powerful messaging and a highly-differentiated visual identity, complete with custom illustrations (something never seen before in the typically-uninspired manufacturing industry), we developed a vibrant brand identity that perfectly encapsulated what AAP stands for.

the results

Beginning with the launch at the industry’s largest trade show, the All American Poly rebrand was an immediate head-turner.

Internally, the brand served as a rallying point to boost employee morale and improve culture.

Externally, the brand served, and continues to serve, as a crystal-clear foundation and guide through which AAP further entrenches itself as a national market leader.