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EP 197
Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

Breaking Down Big Goals into Achievable Steps with Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

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"Great business podcast Each episode is full of insights and tactics for business owners looking to level up their craft." Gotchayeah
"A great show for every business owner! Business owners are always learning and this show brings in great guests with valuable insights. Meny Hoffman is a warm and welcoming host who brings out the best in his guests. I highly recommend you listen and subscribe!" Patty Block
"Amazing show! I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!" Walk 2 Wealth
"Highly recommend! Want to become a better business leader? Let Meny Hoffman be your guide! No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend Let’s Talk Business enough."🙌 oliviabaker13
"Great Show! If you love learning from industry leaders, this is the podcast for you. Meny is a great host with a wealth of information and the guests he brings on are incredible! I always learn something new every episode!" PaigeBPodcasting
"Amazing podcast! This podcast is an excellent resource for all things business! Meny is very knowledgeable and each of his conversations with guests is very insightful." maddie@podcastingyou

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