All-Ways Forwarding

Case Study

Narrative + Strategy + Innovative Design = Bringing All-Ways all together

the challenge

With over 30 years of experience providing companies with full-service logistical solutions, All-Ways Forwarding came to us facing somewhat of a “knowledge crisis”. Internally, heads of divisions were largely unaware of the extent of their own counterpart’s capabilities.

Externally, the public knowledge of All-Ways was limited to shipping and drayage solutions, while the full scope of their services extended much farther.

what was their next?

In order for the company to continue to grow and branch out to new markets and service new industries, in order to better sell and cross-sell its current services, they first needed to figure out exactly what the company stood for. What was the core offering? What was the narrative that drove service and program decisions?

Beginning with an in-depth Discovery phase, we began unearthing the heart of the All-Ways brand. Through the use of internal and external surveys, as well as collaborative brand identity exercises, we enabled each and every division to realize exactly what was driving their offer: connection.

From PO Management to Drayage to Oversight and beyond, All-Ways stood for connecting buyers and sellers, connecting markets from all over the world.

the process

Starting with an in-depth Discovery phase, we explored the essence of the All-Ways brand. Using surveys and collaborative exercises, each division identified their driving force: connection.

From PO Management to Drayage and Oversight, All-Ways connected buyers and sellers, linking markets worldwide.

Visually, each element highlighted connectivity, showcasing All-Ways as the crucial link between manufacture and sale.

We chose the versatile, homey Werkhorse typeface, signifying agility and a family-owned feel. Collaborating with the client, we depicted each leg of the All-Ways journey, from Beijing to Boise and San Juan to San Francisco, through vivid custom iconography.

Finally, we created an animated video that told the All-Ways story. Bright, sleek, and informative, it launched the new brand distinctively.

the results

Equipped with a firm, concrete knowledge of their services and identity, each employee was able to tell the story of the All-Ways brand, which in turn, allowed for smoother interactions with both team members and clients alike.

The end result of the campaign was a new recognition and respect for the All-Ways brand, from employees to customers, positioning them as the ultimate destination to get to yours. Since then, All-Ways has continued to expand, including moving into the logistics SaaS space.