Case Study

Helping Avenir stand out by looking to the future

the challenge

Optima Care had just purchased its first portfolio of skilled nursing facilities, all located in the Queens-Long Island area.

Led by veteran healthcare professionals, Optima Care was looking to build a brand centered around high-quality, patient-centered care, which they could build upon as they expanded their reach and capabilities.

what was their next?

The facilities Optima took over were conveniently-located, had a physically-homey feel, and boasted some unique care programs, but were ultimately underperforming. Residents, families and employees were frustrated with previous ownership, and Optima Care was looking to implement a comprehensive turnaround across all facilities.

Our job was to create a name and cohesive brand, with a strong focus on its people, starting with the patients, but extending to all stakeholders. Going above and beyond to provide a better experience for all who come in contact with the brand.

the process

In a crowded field such as skilled nursing, there are going to be overlaps in the services each facility offers. Significant overlaps. The way to differentiate is by delving deeper into the context within which those services are offered.

After a significant change in one’s health, it’s only natural for a resident to reflect on their previous self. At this sensitive juncture, it’s imperative for a SNF to turn that focus towards the future and allow them to live the lives they are used to.

This idea of “future” was intriguing, both from the patient side and the provider side. Healthcare itself was undergoing massive changes, and this brand wanted to position itself as uniquely capable of thriving in an evolving world.

Hence, we chose the name Avenir, French for “the future”. Representing the future of healthcare, placing an emphasis on treating people rather than patients; providing the emotional and physical framework, the continuum of care, within which people of all kinds can thrive.

Visually, we created a bright, unique, and most of all systemized identity system, from logo to photo styles and iconography.

the results

The brand launch was a success, as Avenir was able to effectively improve the quality of their new facilities, and have since brought more facilities under their umbrella of care.