Case Study

Brand identity and strategy for a rapidly growing healthcare company

the challenge

Turnover is always an issue in the senior care space. Throw in new ownership taking over a portfolio of 12 struggling facilities? Well, we had our work cut out for us.

what was their next?

We were tasked with creating a powerful brand name + platform for the Arkansas portfolio of Oasis, a then brand-new healthcare company.

Comprised of industry veterans, the company wanted to communicate its promise of stable, hands-on leadership and quality care to local residents, employees and communities alike.

Throwing in one more wrinkle: ownership was based in the Northeast, and this portfolio of facilities was based in the Southeast. 

So how do we help Oasis communicate a brand promise, convince employees to stay, raise the level of care, all while bridging potential philosophical and/or cultural differences?

the process

Every agency has their own approach to naming, but ours is pretty simple: “Brand first, name second.” In other words, set the brand strategy first, figure out what you need to communicate, and let the name follow.

As mentioned earlier, Oasis was promising residents, employees, and other stakeholders a new beginning, one of stability and strong leadership.

We opted for the name The Blossoms, which, in addition to being the state tree of Arkansas, also alluded to the brand promise of new beginnings.

The brand messaging, design, and all marketing materials consistently hammered home this promise.

the results

From the jump, the name and brand was not only accepted but celebrated. 

Reinvigorated by the new, more hands-on ownership, employee retention increased and every facility within the portfolio improved their state survey scores.