Bonei Olam

Case Study

Design and strategy for a multichannel non-profit campaign


the challenge

For over a decade, Bonei Olam’s annual auction fundraiser made a compelling case for giving. Over time, their underlying approach grew expected.

In a community overwhelmed by fundraisers, Bonei Olam was determined to break out of their familiar approach — and break through the noise.

Adding to the challenge, Bonei Olam requested that visuals not feature the most expected visual of all: a baby.


what was their next?

Beyond conceptualizing a powerful, multi-media campaign, we were tasked with undertaking a complete paradigm shift.

Breakthrough was achieved by recalibrating who we were speaking to, and why.

Instead of selling the pain of couples, we chose to reflect the pain of the donors themselves. To remind them of the pain they felt, watching couples they loved experience this challenge.

the process

A rallying, strategic tagline, “Bundle up for Bonei” became our campaign’s North Star. Warm, cozy language and soft, textured visuals all centered around this clear yet heart-tugging ask.

At every touchpoint, the campaign reinforced the goodwill of our campaign’s true hero: the donor.


As mentioned earlier, Oasis was promising residents, employees, and other stakeholders a new beginning, one of stability and strong leadership.

We opted for the name The Blossoms, which, in addition to being the state tree of Arkansas, also alluded to the brand promise of new beginnings.

The brand messaging, design, and all marketing materials consistently hammered home this promise.

the results

Within a few weeks, Bonei Olam surpassed previous years’ donation benchmarks.

The difference was noticeable from the start. Donations began pouring in, along with effusive feedback from the donors, expressing how meaningful Bonei Olam’s campaign had felt.

Most importantly, the goodwill now felt throughout the community — and within Bonei Olam’s internal team — towards Bonei’s vital mission has had an immeasurable and lasting impact that will be felt for years to come.