CNC Cabinetry

Case Study

Strategic and visual rebrand for one of the Northeast's largest cabinetry manufacturers


the situation

As one of the Northeast’s largest cabinetry brands, with more than 25 years in the cabinetry business and over 300 employees, CNC Cabinetry could hardly be considered an upstart.

Though their name was quite recognized, their brand was more product-driven, absent of a central message communicating just who exactly CNC is, what makes them unique in a very flooded market, and where they planned on going long-term.


This, along with an outdated visual identity resulted in a disconnect between the dated perception of the CNC brand and the mammoth strides they had made and planned to make to become a major player in the import cabinetry market beyond the Northeast.

Our objective with this project was to fill in the gaps within the CNC brand, taking what makes CNC stand out and crafting a consistent brand message that would apply across all mediums.


the solution

As a rule, the only claims worth making are those that are specific and defined. And after an exhaustive research phase, we uncovered a valuable nugget, a common theme that everyone associated with CNC – from upper management to dealer to end consumer – seemed to focus on:



CNC’s combination of competitive pricing, vast lineup of door styles, and the fastest lead times in the industry all added up to a brand that was based on providing optimal value.

Armed with this valuable info, we created the now-trademarked CNC brand mantra:

“America’s best value in cabinetry.”

Equipped with a bold claim and a beautiful, contemporary design, the revamped brand was launched at a company retreat, to great excitement and fanfare. Since then, CNC has expanded into multiple states and launched revolutionary dealer services that have completely changed the way the industry traditionally thought about moving goods.