DC Cargo

Case Study

Brand strategy and visual identity for a brand selling all things cargo

the challenge

DC Cargo had already established a name as the go-to source for ultra-durable cargo securement and organization. While their existing brand communicated effectively as an industrial B2B, it was outdated and not particularly user-friendly. The client was also missing a big opportunity to add a D2C dimension to their brand, thereby targeting a growing, passionate market of off-road hobbyists.

what was their next?

To move them forward, we needed to position DC Cargo as reliable—and relatable. Our vision was to create a lifestyle brand that would serve as a hub of inspo for customers to stay on-trend about all things off-road.

And with hundreds of similar-looking SKUs, we couldn’t lose sight of the necessity of creating a design language that could communicate clearly across a variety of packaging designs and website listings.

the process

To begin, we dug deep into the world of truckers, auto haulers, and outdoor sports hobbyists, learning a whole new slew of words and terminology in the process.

We took on the challenge of infusing a lifestyle vibe into a very utilitarian brand, celebrating the truckers, the masters of the road, and all the places they go.

Using sleek, bold graphics, inspiring lifestyle images, and relatable messaging, we created a brand that is ruggedly raw, a brand that inspires confidence and pride, offering another thing to brag about – the perfect truck.

the results

More than just a rebrand, we created a community.
A place for niche hobbyists to hang out (virtually), trade tips and hacks, and above all, connect with a crew of like-minded individuals.

Utilizing the draw factor of this community, we were able to pull more visitors to the website and increase sales within months.