Case Study

Naming and brand identity for an onsite refueling business


the situation

When Diezx approached us, they were breaking into a relatively new industry—that of onsite refueling.

Immediately, their unique selling point became clear: Most transportation fleets burn through precious time (and fuel) waiting by refueling stations. By bringing the fuel right to client’s fleets, DiezX helps these businesses eliminate wasteful spending and maximize employee productivity.



DiezX (known at the time as YMC fueling) tasked Ptex with two key objectives: Create a strong and memorable name, and develop a brand identity that would quickly, clearly, and strongly communicate the value they offer.

the creative solution

In the construction and labor sectors, most names are straightforward and descriptive. Our goal was to ensure our client’s name would stand out while still fitting in with their overall industry.

To that end, we landed on the name “DeisX.” DeisX combines Deisel with the letter X to connote strength and industry relevance — while hinting to the company being the “x-factor”, helping businesses run more efficiently.


We branded the company under the banner of “Fueling more efficient business,” a tagline that sums up their value offer in a punchy and memorable way. Charcoal black coloring plays off neon green for a striking and fresh contrast that alludes to DiezX’s environmentally friendly approach and value-offer.

Finally, we finished off their brand identity with brand execution in the form of bold truck wraps, corporate collateral, and comprehensive sales kit.