Case Study

Brand identity and strategy for a healthcare service provider


the challenge

Facilitex is a nascent company offering an ever-growing suite of healthcare-specific backend services to practices and centers across the healthcare spectrum, from medical billing to IT to lease management.

What’s unique about Facilitex is they are one of the only backend service providers who only deal with healthcare and its ever-evolving regulations and requirements.

Unlike other service providers, who service a wide range of industries without specializing in any industry or niche, Facilitex specializes in healthcare - led by experienced healthcare professionals, and hiring only experienced healthcare personnel for their respective offerings.


what was their next?

As Facilitex expanded its services and offerings, it became essential to establish a clear throughline—a unified positioning that would cohesively link its diverse departments, articulate its value, and maintain brand integrity without diluting the brand or confusing potential customers.

This aspect was particularly vital for Facilitex, which allows customers to either bundle services or select them à la carte. Even if a customer requires only a specific service, such as medical billing, without the need for additional offerings like IT support, the overarching brand message must clearly convey Facilitex’s excellence and reliability in each individual service.


the process

The key to a compelling brand message is not “hey you have a problem and we’ve got the solution”. Rather, you need to first talk about what’s changing in the world, why that matters, and how the winners are adapting to an evolving industry landscape.

There’s perhaps no more ever-evolving, increasingly-complex industry than healthcare. As regulations and legislation continue to pile up, Facilitex’s offering becomes ever more valuable.


Our angle, and the brand throughline, was to hammer home the point that, in order to thrive in the healthcare landscape, medical practices and clinics need to double down on one thing: Just Care. Want to stay compliant and continue to grow and thrive? Just focus on what you know, and leave the ancillary items to Facilitex.

This message helped tie together all the various services Facilitex offers, and offers a strong foundation for the brand as it continues to grow.

the results

Armed with clarity and a differentiated message, Facilitex now had the ability to effectively communicate the breadth of their services while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

The ultimate outcome? Their audience understood the value proposition of each individual service, without any confusion or dilution of the brand message.