First Choice

Case Study

Marketing campaign strategy and design for a POS provider

B2B Service


the challenge

For years, First Choice had been providing retailers with one of the most feature-rich POS software on the market and exceptional customer service.

While their clients – stores like Junee’s, Hat Box, and Toys 4 U - were well-known, many retailers remained unaware of First Choice and relied on manual methods or rudimentary POS systems to operate their stores.


what was their next?

First Choice’s lack of brand exposure meant we had a blank slate to work with – enabling us to establish an unmistakable voice and visual identity in a campaign resonating with retailers across all sectors.


the process

There’s no quicker way to get people to perk up than by prodding their pain points - in this case, the time and money retailers were leaving on the table without a POS system in place.

In social posts, on single-page and split adverts, across bus shelters and billboards, we highlighted the problems retail owners of all sectors and sizes were facing, (unsold inventory, hours wasted on data entry, poor insights, etc.) while showcasing First Choice’s offering – a smarter, more profitable business.

We utilized direct messaging to present them with a choice; tackle the challenges alone or let First Choice provide the solution.

Using a combination of foam boards and actual-sized 2D print cutouts, we created retail scenes with a dynamic feel and a layer of visual differentiation. The result? Eye-catching and relatable imagery that was able to capture readers’ attention and hold it.

the results

Beginning with the NRF show, the nation’s largest retail trade show, and continuing across a variety of mediums, First Choice successfully reached a broad audience of retailers, increasing brand awareness, and establishing a well-positioned presence in the market.