Freedom Bar

Case Study

Packaging and visual brand identity for a health food bar brand.


the challenge

Freedom Bar had the best challenge a client could come to us with. They had a fantastic product in an exploding category, but their packaging lacked the story necessary to capture buyers’ and consumers’ attention.


what was their next?

We faced Freedom Bar’s competitors head-on with an audacious front-to-back package challenge (“Flip the bar, nothing hiding”).

By directing consumers to read our ingredient list closely, we invited comparisons to leading brands whose concentrates, extracts, and ‘natural flavors’ from lab-made formulas could be found hiding in the ingredient list on their packaging.


the process

While we had a narrative to run with, Freedom’s existing packaging design was missing the oomph needed to stand out on crowded supermarket shelves.

Steering away from been-there-done-that muted color palettes used on competitors' bars, we used bright colors to create an eye-catching, clean, and modern look.


And while the bright colors were there to grab consumers’ attention, bold, hard-hitting messaging told them exactly what they were up against - and the difference that Freedom was offering.

the results

The new packing enabled Freedom’s products to stand out at national trade shows, grabbing the attention of buyers for mega corporations among a sea of competing products.

And with redesigned packaging to direct consumers to their product and a bold mission to redefine what a health food bar should look like,

Freedom gained a new fan club of consumers who cared about the difference Freedom Bar was offering. ​