Case Study

Brand identity and interior direction for a boutique apartment building

the challenge

The developers of Halladay, a new boutique apartment building located in a hip Jersey City neighborhood, approached us to create a cohesive, modern brand that would influence the building’s interior design, and carry through across all marketing collateral.

Selling Halladay on its hotel-style amenities wouldn’t work – because every one of the new buildings in the neighborhood was offering those same luxuries.

what was their next?

While the amenities offered by other residences were similar, the atmosphere here was special- and we knew that could be a big draw.

With that in mind, we positioned Halladay as a haven where residents could press pause on the hustle, and feel welcomed by a warm community.

the process

We worked with the developers’ design team to incorporate this aspect throughout the interiors, with cozy, fireside gathering places and comfy sitting areas designed for neighbors to connect, chat, and form lasting friendships.

Using crisp, elevated fonts, and a warm color palette, we created a language to communicate Halladay’s intimate approach to city living.

Warm, inviting messaging set the tone for a brand that was centered around meaningful relationships.

the results

The brand created a cohesive sales experience that got new renters to sign on the dotted line with confidence that they’d be getting more than somewhere to live- but somewhere they could belong.