Helios Facade

Case Study

Creating a powerful identity for renewable energy innovator Helios Facade

the challenge

Helios Facade is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, having developed a patented Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) product that is set to transform both the construction and solar industry.

Their innovative solution not only meets the soaring demand for renewable energy but also shifts perceptions about the integration of construction and sustainable energy practices. With recent legislation introducing substantial tax credits for developers, Helios Facade was in prime position to lead the market in encouraging environmentally friendly building practices through cutting-edge technology.

what was their next?

The concept of BIPV has existed for some time now. The innovation of Helios lies in their patented designs, which enable building owners to generate more revenue, incorporate more aesthetically-pleasing designs, and are easier to service.

Our job was to give Helios a compelling verbal and visual brand identity that communicated the innovative and transformative nature of their product, and to effectively position Helios as a leader in merging construction with renewable energy solutions.

And with Helios set to exhibit at and feature on a panel at one of the largest industry shows, the NY Build Expo, the timing was ripe for them to showcase their innovation to the broader construction and solar industries.

the process

As an innovator in a relatively nascent space, going against more established players, it would pay for Helios to be positioned as more than an innovative product, but a shift-leader, in thought and in solution.

As always, the most persuasive brand platforms are built on communicating the Old Way of doing/thinking vs the New Way of doing things in a changing world.

Before Helios, the integration of solar energy in construction was often an afterthought, leading to compromised aesthetics and missed economic opportunities.

Helios is transforming the industry by ushering in an era where sustainable construction is not just a feel-good ethos, but a more effective way of doing business. A world where every window, every balcony, every building surface, is not just a passive structure, but an active energy - and revenue - generator.

They’re powering the future of sustainable architecture.

the results

The brand launch, exhibition, and panel discussion was a smashing success, with Helios immediately generating industry buzz and interest.