Infinite Care

Case Study

Setting the foundation for a fast-growing brand with infinite potential

the challenge

Today a recognized leader in healthcare consulting and management company with facilities across NY, NJ, and Florida, Infinite Care was in its infancy when they approached us to help brand their company.

After building a thriving onsite senior care services company, the client made their initial foray into skilled nursing care by purchasing two facilities.

what was their next?

Infinite Care was bringing razor-sharp business acumen and a history of healthcare-related success to the SNF game. We needed to create a brand platform that simultaneously captured their value-add approach, successful outcomes, while simultaneously creating an identity centered on warmth and approachability.

Additionally, as with any takeover, the primary goal was to keep things as smooth and stable as possible, inspire confidence in residents and employees alike, and keep building forward.

the process

In a densely-populated field such as healthcare, there is a ton of overlap in the services each brand offers. The difference is often found not in what you offer (“we offer short term rehab” is not a differentiator), but how you communicate what you offer.

The verbal identity captured the necessary messages Infinite needed to communicate to its various audiences. For residents and their families, the message was one of warmth, trust, and quality care. For partners, it conveyed a sense of skill and expertise.

Visually, the logo and brilliant color palette communicated a brilliant balance of sophistication and warmth which perfectly encapsulated the Infinite brand.

the results

Following the rebrand, Infinite Care has been able to offer its exceptional, value-added care services to an ever-increasing number of facilities, growing from 2 to now more than 3 dozen.

Their identity has become instantly-recognizable, the simple yet sophisticated heart logo coming to mean operational success, quality care, and ideal resident experience.