Jerusalem Estates

Case Study

Differentiating the most luxurious residential housing complex in Jerusalem


the challenge

American Landmark, a globally-known real estate development firm, and ISA Group, one of Israel’s foremost development groups, were collaborating to build Israel’s most luxurious development yet: Jerusalem Estates.

Set just steps from the hustle and bustle of Geulah, the project was promising to offer something never seen before in Israel, let alone Yerushalayim.

what was their next?

Although the Yerushalmi real estate market had exploded, sales were not proceeding at the desired pace.

With developments popping up left and right, all claiming to be luxury, and at a more affordable price than Jerusalem Estates, we needed to demonstrate how this project was truly different from anything else the market offered.

the process

Luxury is perhaps the most painfully overused word in real estate. Our philosophy is that in order to be considered luxury, and in order to command luxury prices, there needs to be some sort of aura around whatever it is you’re selling.

This was no ordinary project. Objectively speaking, this was the most luxurious development Israel was going to see.

In order to communicate that, however, we needed to create an aura. Our strategy was threefold:

Appeal to emotions: The emotions associated with Israel, owning a place in Israel, creating an eternal legacy in an eternal land

Details, details, details - discerning customers appreciate it when you get technical.
Get in the weeds and talk about the quality of the project

Highly evocative imagery

the results

The success of the campaign vaulted Jerusalem Estates into a category all its own.

Not only did sales improve, the “Estates” name became a brand associated with luxury, class, and perfection, which is now being replicated in other markets.