Keren Hashviis

Case Study

Multi-channel non-profit marketing campaign and strategy


the challenge

With anticipated expenses nearing $22 million for Shemitta 5775, Keren Hashviis needed a global campaign to mobilize the support of world Jewry.

While the farmers’ struggle was far-off, we had to find a way to make it feel relatable, to give those 5,000 miles away a close-up look at the farmers’ resilience and a deep appreciation for the incredible mitzvah of Shemitta.


what was their next?

We used a two-pronged approach to get donors to dig deep into their pocket - educating them about the significance, history, and relevance of Shemittah, thereby evoking emotion and generating an outpouring of public financial support

the process

Emails, brochures, and other educational materials were strategically proliferated throughout North America to educate Jew everywhere about the intricate laws and rich history of Shemitta.

Special fundraisers and initiatives were established, with actual farmers visiting communities across North America to relate, firsthand, the real-time vchallenges of keeping shemitta.

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In print ads, authentic profiles accompanied by on-site photoshoots portrayed the fiery faith of the heroic farmers and the cold reality of a year with no yield.

Messaging focused on the immense sacrifice being made, as well as the urgency and time-limited nature of the mitzvah; encouraging immediate action so as not to turn this rare opportunity into a missed opportunity.

In coordination with the foremost dayanim and legal experts in Eretz Yisrael, parcels of shemitta-observed farms were made available for purchase, offering donors an unprecedented opportunity to partner in the mitzvah of Shemitta in a tangible way.

the results

The global Keren Hashviis campaign concluded as an unprecedented success.

Together, championing the mitzvah of shemitta, we opened up the hearts, minds, and ultimately, wallets of Jewish brethren around the world, raising an astounding $27 million worldwide.