Case Study

Find your flex: Branding a line of comfy clothing and home essentials in a category all of its own


the challenge

Kickoff approached us knowing they had an exceptional product line. And with hundreds of five-star Amazon reviews on their super soft thermals, it was clear that shoppers felt the same way.

However, with little in the way of branding, there was nothing to let first-time shoppers know that these were quality thermals – cut from a different cloth than the countless Chinese thermal brands they were coming across in their search.

In addition, the brand needed to be flexible enough to accommodate Kickoff's existing line of bamboo bedding, as well as future product expansions in the home and clothing essentials space

what was their next?

To position Kickoff as a quality, yet accessible alternative to the handful of existing industry leaders, and to help their product stand out in the crowded Amazon and online marketplace, we needed to rewrite the script completely.

A fresh new look. A compelling brand story. And an entirely new way of looking at the little moments that make up every day.

the process

While some shoppers wore the brand’s flagship line of thermals as an activewear layer, almost an equal number wore the cozy sets as loungewear.

To bridge the two we positioned Kickoff in a category all of its own - flexwear. A line of wearable essentials, bedding, and all things cozy, with a ready-for-real-life vibe as low-key or high-impact as the moment.

Inspired by that, we chose a name with a dual meaning - the energetic kickoff of physical activity - and the moments after, where the gear, stress, and shoes get (literally) kicked off.

Our team also created a series of visual wordplays to bring the opposing elements of the brand to life.

We created a custom icon mark to convey the confidence and flexibility of the brand, with the loop in the K allowing for a visual representation of the brand’s active upside and chilled downtime.

Using a sophisticated navy as the brand’s primary color, we created a visual identity that felt premium, yet livable. Bright pops of color and custom illustrations added a whimsical touch when necessary, specifically for the children’s line.

the results

With a fresh, contemporary brand that reflected Kickoff’s offering of premium lounge apparel, bedding, and all things cozy, they gained a new fan club of shoppers who loved the flexibility of the products and the effortless lifestyle that came with them.