Case Study

Strategy, positioning, and brand identity for a residential project in Tzfat.


the challenge

The concept of purchasing luxury apartments in Israel is certainly not a new one for Americans. Over the last couple of decades, numerous projects have hit the market, targeting wealthy Jewish Americans, as well as the broader “Anglo” Orthodox community.

With the Jerusalem real estate market highly saturated and exorbitantly priced, another market, just two hours north, has begun to emerge as an attractive option for buyers and investors: the mystical city of Tzfat.

It was with this context that Ganei Tal, the developers of Merom Yerushalayim and other well-known projects, approached us to help name, brand, and market their upcoming project in Tzfat.


what was their next?

The proof of concept for a successful luxury development in Tzfat already existed.

As a year-round destination for Israelis and non-Israelis alike, Tzfat offers buyers and investors an attractive option. The question we had to answer was “Why this specific project and at this price point?”

To accomplish that, we needed to do the following:

- Create a name and positioning for the project that is unique to the actual development (not simply relying on the history and mystique of the city)

-Create an aura around the project

-Position the project as a valuable, can’t-miss investment.

the process

Strategically, our objective in marketing this project wasn't merely to sell buyers an apartment located in Tzfat, but to offer them an apartment that embodied the essence of Tzfat.

Tapping into the rich majesty of this ancient city, our creative team incorporated layers of detail into the buildings' exteriors, interiors, and amenities.


Hints of luxury—sophisticated, refined, and warm messaging—established the tone for all marketing materials.

Inspired by the vibrant embroidery seen throughout Tzfat, we created a crest-inspired logo with majestic lions and soft florals for a mixture of grandeur and serenity.

Usage of texture- embossing, gold leaf adds depth to the visual brand, while an elegant color palette and sleek typefaces allow the project renderings to speak for themselves.

the results

More than a brand, more than a development, we enabled the developers of Majestic to create an experience.

An experience unique to Tzfat, but more importantly, unique to the project itself.