Minyan Shelanu

Case Study

Helping Minyan Shelanu launch their new brand path forward

the challenge

Minyan Shelanu is a unique, Lakewood-based organization that serves as a haven, a chill spot, and more significantly, a mindset of unconditional love and acceptance for at-risk teens. Founded in 2001 by Rabbi Chaim Abadi, “The Minyan”, as it’s affectionately known, has successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of previously struggling kids, helping them develop into happy, thriving adults.

In recent years, the Minyan's daily programming has been evolving and expanding to keep pace with the community's rapid growth, from Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River and beyond. And it was for that reason they approached us for a rebrand.

what was their next?

Minyan Shelanu’s original demo may have been teens, but it has since evolved into something much bigger, offering help to adults struggling with addiction, marriage & dating coaching, and all the difficult things that may come up. The cost of life-saving services like rehab and therapy have risen dramatically and they were straining to maintain their multimillion dollar budget.

Minyan Shelanu was looking to expand into a new facility, one where it would have the space to accommodate the growing number of people looking for a safe space, as well as the ability to increase the size and scope of services provided. They were looking to launch a multimillion dollar fundraising campaign, but first needed a brand upgrade to better reflect where it stood.

the process

To find the angle for Minyan Shelanu, we needed to look no further than the name.

Minyan: A minyan is more than a religious service. It’s more than a social setting. Rather, it’s an exercise in building up self-worth. When you’re part of a minyan - any minyan - you matter. The minyan cannot exist without you. You’re a vital part of something.

Shelanu: Growth begins when we stop using words like “they” or “their”, but instead start using the term “our”. They’re “our children”, not “they are a problem”.

We called it the mindset of “Our”. or “The Power of Our”. ​

This was the central theme of Minyan Shelanu: these children are all ours, and it’s our job to help them thrive.

Visually, we opted for a style that’s thoughtful and emotionally resonant, designed to reflect the organization's core values of inclusivity, community, and support.

the results

The fundraising campaign was a resounding success, meeting its financial goals which enabled the commencement of the building project.

The campaign not only raised the necessary funds but also increased awareness of Minyan Shelanu’s mission, increased support, and expanding its reach within the community.