Case Study

Rebranding for a legendary kosher for passover baked goods brand

Consumer Goods


the situation

A legendary name in the kosher for passover baked goods space, Oberlander was looking to rebrand themselves in a way that would command a distinctive presence, help it expand its position of leadership in the kosher for pesach category in kosher markets and gain a position of leadership in the kosher for passover/kosher as a specialty general market.


While other brands have come and gone, Oberlander is an enduring brand that has stood the test of time. 74 years after creating a name for itself in the kosher for passover bakery line, the name remains virtually synonymous with kosher for passover baked goods and confections.

With a significant customer base across multiple channels, the challenge was to dial into the 70+ year legacy, heritage and trust the brand has earned for itself, while embracing the fresh, the now, and the new, as well as the new generation of consumers who purchase on food appeal first and kashrus second.


the solution

Our strategy was to lean into the brand origins and rich history, take the brand’s legacy and longevity, and own it proudly and powerfully, by capturing and conveying the heritage in a way that feels at once legendary, classic, rich, and authentic — and fresh, modern, immersive, distinctive, and appealing.


We did so by positioning Oberlander as the original, the authentic, the standard bearers and the tried and true bearers of unpretentious, familiar, down home goodness.

The deliciously satisfying combo of vintage/retro/nostalgia and modern, tried and true, and fresh and new. A paragon of integrity and an unbroken, unbreakable chain of fresh and delicious handed down through the generations, with the transportive powers to take consumers back to the joys of simple delights and good ol’ classics, all while making the brand and its product line feel as relevant and resonant and enticing as ever.

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