Case Study

Brand strategy and visual identity for a payroll-specific loan provider


the challenge

Payro Finance was a nascent company offering an innovative solution to the most common business problem: covering payroll. Even the most cash-flow positive businesses sometimes struggle with payroll, for various reasons.

Payro offers cash-flow positive companies fast, flexible, and most importantly low-cost payroll-only funding — along with cutting-edge tools and integrations — to ensure they can cover payroll on-time, every time.


what was their next?

Payro Finance was set to roll out its brand-new app/software, aimed at directly integrating within a payroll/HCM provider’s suite of services.

The app would put Payro’s service in front of thousands more customers, as well as simplify the funding process. With the Payro integration, business owners can receive funding essentially with the click of a button.

Until now, Payro Finance had been positioned as an alternative lender. Cost-effective and quick, sure, but still within the overall sphere of lending. With the introduction of its app, Payro is pivoting more towards a tech-driven model.


the process

Lending, especially for the debt-averse, is confusing, stress-inducing, and oftentimes embarrassing. Focusing on things like simplicity, low cost and speed is all good, but it also leaves out that crucial last point: the embarrassment people may feel that they need funding, even if their business is cash flow-positive.

Our aim was to create a more upbeat, approachable and friendly brand, which would help Payro differentiate not just in offering, but in identity too.


Practically speaking, this meant the following:


– Create a contemporary, fresh look


– Emphasize Payro’s ease-of-use and the business benefits that come along with using them


– Utilize simplistic, easy-to-understand, and most of all approachable and friendly language.


– Avoid being condescending or guilt-inducing


Verbally and visually, our goal was to hammer home the fact that Payro offers the most business-friendly way to cover payroll. Simple, innovative, and easy.



the results

Armed with brand clarity, pinpoint messaging, and a fresh, vibrant visual identity, Payro has grown exponentially, forming new partnerships and breaking into more and more markets.