Case Study

Marketing campaign for a children’s footwear brand

the challenge

Perroquet needed a back-to-school marketing campaign that would spread the word about their beautiful leather children’s shoes manufactured and sold direct-to-consumer for the incredible price of $50 per pair.

Based on client intake, survey-based market research, and community familiarity, we knew that the target market's prime considerations were quality, fashion, and peer approval, with low pricing sometimes misconstrued as ‘cheap’.

what was their next?

We needed to place the Perroquet brand on a virtual pedestal, creating an elevated look and feel that would give it the patina of the pricier brand names.

To do so, the DTC component and low pricing would need to be presented subtly and peripherally, as more of a surprise bonus and less of the focal selling point.

the process

We began with an adorable photoshoot featuring the collection in various dynamic scenes. We used monochromatic styling to create a sleek, memorable look and more importantly, draw viewers’ eyes straight to the footwear being showcased.

The campaign incorporated copy headers that were both aspirational and relevant, with supporting copy to highlight the shoes’ craftsmanship, quality, and readiness for real life.

the results

The ad campaign had customers checking their local weeklies, social media, and email for updates and, most importantly, led to a sold-out stock and successful positioning of the brand as the go-to choice for beautiful, well-priced, and durable children’s footwear.