Roth & Co.

Case Study

Helping a financial powerhouse communicate endless capabilities

the challenge

Roth & Co. came to Ptex for a global campaign to raise awareness of the company and the broad-ranging services it provides. While many in the community knew the firm for its accounting services, awareness was lacking regarding the full spectrum of Roth & Co.’s capabilities

what was their next?

The secret behind the Roth & Co. accounting empire lay in their ability to cater to various industries, with the expertise to intuit the unique challenges business owners in each sector faced.

For this campaign, we needed to create intriguing and dynamic visuals that could capture the company’s countless capabilities, providing all the necessary information without overloading and overwhelming readers.

the process

We created a visual look that hints at the familiar symbols and motifs of accounting and finance but with a point of view suited for an evolving, tech-driven world.

For each ad in the series, we used bright colors and impressive visuals to represent another business and/or industry served by Roth & Co.

A large 3D ‘&’ in the middle of the “island” grounds the campaign, serving as the focus of each ad, carefully combining consistency with a wide range of versatility within each ad. Clear, direct copy highlights “the power of &”- the wide range of industries Roth & Co services flawlessly.

the results

The campaign ran in Jewish publications and generated interest throughout Roth & Co.’s broad target audience.

The campaign’s success was apparent in the ultimate positioning of the firm as the go-to partner in the management and growth of Jewish business throughout the Tri-state area, Israel, and beyond.