Siyum HaShas

Case Study

Helping Hundreds of Thousands Worldwide Honor Klal Yisroel’s Lifeline

the challenge

In its literal translation, Daf Yomi is the 7 ½ year daf-a-day program initiated by Rav Meir Shapiro zt”l at the first world Congress of Agudath Israel in Vienna in 1923.

But the true meaning of Daf Yomi - what it represents for its members and supporters - is far more poignant. It is a companion, a unifier, gathering masses of Jews worldwide underneath the umbrella of a Yeshiva without walls.

For many, the Siyum HaShas is a culmination of a monumental commitment. For others, it is the impetus for a renewed connection to Torah. For the Klal, however, it is an awesome demonstration of Kavod HaTorah, a magnificent manifestation , and K’vod Shomayim, and a powerful proclamation of Netzach Yisrael.

Nearly four years prior to the 2020 Siyum HaShas, Agudath Israel of America approached us to help launch its most expansive, innovative campaign to date.

what was their next?

The objectives for this campaign were multifaceted:

Educate World Jewry about the importance of the Daf and its place in both Jewish history and contemporary, daily Jewish life

Emoticate - Delve deep into the wide ranging effect learning the Daf has on its lomdim, their families, and broader Klal Yisroel

Motivate - Every Siyum inspires thousands more to join. Our goal was to help the Agudah launch new initiatives aimed at increasing the amount of lomdim by historic amounts

The Agudah - Educate the broader Klal about the central role The Agudah has played in making the Daf a staple of Jewish life worldwide, as well as their far-reaching advocacy efforts.

Increase - The Siyum HaShas is also a massive fundraising vehicle for The Agudah, and we wanted to quadruple the amount raised at the previous Siyum.

It’s impossible to properly encapsulate what the Daf means to those who learn it and the families that support them on their journey.

The best way to describe it would be to borrow the words of R’ Akiva: “Daf Shel Sefina Nizdamen Li” (a plank of wood was there [to save me]). The Daf is a lifeline that helps its lomdim and their families survive through the turbulence of everyday life.

the process

No matter what happens, tomorrow is a new Daf.

This served as the central theme on which the entire brand platform, and the ensuing 3.5 years of marketing and fundraising were built on.

Honoring those who learn, who support, who commit to Klal Yisroel’s lifeline. Encouraging others to grab on.

Creating visuals, ads, and fundraising collateral for private meetings with philanthropists around this vivid imagery allowed us to not only tell a story, but to cultivate a sense of urgency and connection to a cause that has kept our people going throughout the generations.

Further reflecting the gravitas and history of Daf Yomi, the campaign included etching artwork of Gedolei Hador.

the results

Despite the harsh weather conditions, the 2020 Siyum HaShas was a monumental event for Klal Yisroel, setting new records for attendance both in-person and around the world via live hookup and streaming.

Scores of new shiurim continue to pop up each year, and The Agudah exceeded its previous fundraising amount. Additionally, the Agudah launched two sister campaigns related to the Siyum HaShas: Masmidei HaSiyum, which included over 30,000 children from hundreds of schools in the global Siyum HaShas celebration, and Chavrei HaSiyum, which promotes commitment to Torah learning beyond Daf Yomi, through organized daily study and siyumim in other areas of Torah.