Tailor House

Case Study

Helping Tailor House build a new era of living

the challenge

Hudson Digs, the brokerage of record for Tailor House, a brand-new upscale condominium building located at 649 38th St in Union City, was looking to strategically position the upcoming development to bolster its marketing efforts.

The project was unique in that it aimed to set a new standard of living for Union City. Historically a diverse, blue-collar town located just minutes from Midtown Manhattan, Union City is poised to be the Gold Coast of New Jersey’s next frontier for those who want proximity to the city at a more affordable price.

what was their next?

Tailor House was boldly pushing boundaries in a literal sense. Unlike other developments in the area, it is located a little further out from established, trendy spots like Jersey City Heights.

This project is forging new paths and breaking away from the typical locations, setting a new standard for development in the area.

Our job was to create a narrative compelling enough to sway buyers to opt for something a little further out, but with more bang for their buck.

the process

Whether it’s in Jersey City, Hoboken, West New York, or any other trendy “Gold Coast” neighborhood, the primary reason why people buy there is proximity to NYC. That’s a given.

But why does being close to NYC matter so much to our target demo? That was the core question we set out to answer - and one that would serve as the basis for the brand we’d create.

The reasons for wanting to live close to the city are as diverse as the millions of residents that comprise it. But there’s one thing in common: being here gives them the ability to truly be themselves.

It's not just about being near a bustling hub; it's about being close to a melting pot of opportunities.

That’s why Tailor House is more than another project. It’s opening up opportunities for people, especially a younger demographic, to be themselves, while being home.

Building on that angle, we set out to create a brand identity centered on modern elegance, while still paying homage to the rich history of the area.

Additionally, we added “at 38” to the existing name, to pair trendy with traditional (Tailor House was an homage to Union City’s heyday as the “Embroidery Capital of the World”).

the results

With a strategic narrative and beautiful visual identity firmly in place, Tailor House has been turning heads as it leads Union City into a new era of upscale living.