Case Study

Laying the brand foundation for YD Wood Floors

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the challenge

YD Wood Floors is a rapidly-growing hardwood floor installation and repair company, with an industry reputation for precise, efficient work, superior service, and a commitment to completing every project to perfection.

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what was their next?

YD was strategically broadening its operations to include new markets and regions, focusing on custom homes and multi-family housing to boost its market influence.

To support YD's ambitions for growth and expansion, establishing a strong brand identity was essential. A cohesive and compelling brand identity would not only distinguish YD in the competitive markets of custom homes and multi-family housing but also resonate with a wider demographic across new geographic regions.

the process

Terms like “quality” and “service” are thrown around so often in any industry, they’re automatic tune-outs. That can certainly be the case in an industry like flooring, which is notorious for unreliability.

Our strategy was to vault YD ahead of the pack by focusing on a word many in the industry avoided because of the expectations it placed: Excellence.

YD as a brand was defined by excellence internally and externally. Where they source their products, how they service their customers, and the internal systems they developed to ensure every client is floored by the results.

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Visually, our strategy was to create a versatile brand with core elements that can apply and be enhanced in a variety of settings.

The color scheme uses a vibrant orange and a deep black to create a strong visual impact, while the typography choices offer a modern and clean aesthetic. This identity is designed to be adaptable across various media and settings, enhancing brand recognition and consistency.

The use of wood-like patterns and professional photography further ties the brand visuals back to the core product—wood flooring—emphasizing the natural beauty and quality of the materials.

the results

Armed with a powerful brand identity, YD has continued to expand its reach and industry influence.

Their strategic branding has not only enhanced its visibility but also solidified its standing as a leader in the market.

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