Out of the Blue

Iconic Blue

You’ve seen the bottle. Nary a festive table does not sport the instantly recognizable Bartenura blue, its presence both a staple and a treat. Royal Wine, Bartenura’s parent company and the largest Kosher wine distributor in the world, approached us with a twofold objective: maintain its command of the Jewish market, while also expanding their market share into the broader wine market, a much more complex market to penetrate.

Blue Bonds

To solve this challenge, Ptex Group developed and launched the now iconic “Out of the Blue” campaign, a platform that was more than just a play on words. Wine represents togetherness and festivity, a way to give and bond. We encouraged people to come together, to explore and share the goodness of a bottle of Bartenura with someone “out of the blue”, at any time and place – no reason necessary. The message cam efull circle through unique gift packaging, strategically placed in-store and at point-of-sale displays.

Feel the Blues

We utilized traditional print and outdoor media to build and acquire brand love, using seasonal applications to create an aura and allure surrounding the brand. At bus stops, on billboards, in magazines and newspapers, the market grew to know, recognize, and love Bartenura at every turn.

Into the Wide Blue Yonder

The campaign succeeded in taking a cultural icon and turning it into a globally recognized Moscato brand, with the “Out of the Blue” campaign spawning other memorable “blue” campaigns.

Now that’s something to which we can all raise a glass.

What we did

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Outdoor Communication
  • Photo Illustration
  • Point-of-Sale Displays