There's Nothing Like Ichud!

How can we create a warm and supportive atmosphere for our children, while making them feel a strong sense of belonging and inclusion in a regular school setting? 

Ichud was founded on the dual mission to provide the perfect environment for those with learning or social disabilities to learn and thrive — all while eliminating any stigma during these formative years.

The Situation

Both, Masmidim, Ichud’s flagship program servicing children with learning disabilities, and Ahuvim, its program for children with social developmental disabilities, are offered within local host Yeshivos, enabling them to proudly attend the same Yeshivos and ride the same school buses as their peers. 

Ichud’s singular devotion to its students and their families is evident in its every service — and translates into proven success. It’s a place of warmth, growth, and nurturing — all without the stigma typically associated with special education.

As their industry became more and more saturated with competitors, Ichud realized they needed to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. They needed their branding to match their already impressive repertoire of services. They came to Ptex seeking to position themselves as the top in the field of special education and inclusion. 

The Solution 

In efforts to distinguish Ichud from the competition, we were faced with the challenge of being upfront and bold but for a sensitive audience. Our objective was to put a friendly face on the brand, giving it that warm and approachable feel. Through highlighting Ichud’s services and the benefits of those services, we were able to carry out their message in a way that gave the families involved a sense of pride. 

We incorporated lifestyle photography to showcase the boys interacting, alluding to the primary benefit of preserving the boys’ dignity. With regards to brand positioning, we wanted it to be clear to the target audience that there are similar programs out there, but none offer the self-contained host environment that Ichud provides.

Through collaborating with the client and among our creative team, we made a complete style guide with new names, logos, colors, and targeted massaging for their entire brand infrastructure.  

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There’s nothing like Ichud.