Peace of Mind

Coverage You Can Thrive On

What does real peace of mind entail, anyway? 


Peace of Mind offers insurance brokerage for construction, real estate, and risk assessment and management. They believe a properly crafted policy is much more than an expense, it’s an investment in growth, a tool to offset risk, a shield against the unexpected, a way to foster trust with partners, and an asset to leverage with lenders as their clients expand.

The Situation

The creators of Peace of Mind approached Ptex for a full brand refresh. As a growing mid-sized firm, they were ready to transition into a more modern, clean, and professional look, and they wanted to accentuate the values and company aspects that differentiate them from their competitors. We were prepared to help them find their unique corner in the market through design and messaging that would attract their best leads. 

The Solution 

Without going too “corporate”, we created a beautiful brand package (wrapped with a pretty bow), complete with updated visuals, brand messaging, and deliverables like a landing page, logos, colors, and an updated proposal with words that sell. We discovered their strengths, like being extremely caring and hands on with their clients, and we highlighted them with the proper language throughout.