Adventure Ready

The Situation 

Perroquet was looking to launch the new back-to-school/pre-Yom Tov season with a marketing ad campaign that would spread the word about their offering of well-crafted, on-trend, genuine leather shoes manufactured and sold via the direct-to-consumer model with revolutionary DTC pricing of only $50 per pair.


The Solution 

Based on client intake, survey based market research, and community familiarity, we set out on the project armed with the knowledge that within the clients’ target market, quality, fashion, and peer approval were the prime considerations, with low pricing sometimes misconstrued as ‘cheap’. Our ensuing strategy was to place the brand and its collection on a virtual pedestal, giving it the patina of a fashion icon, with the dtc component and low pricing being presented subtly and peripherally (in local weeklies, social media and emails) as a surprise bonus. 

The ad campaign incorporated a distinctive, avant garde visual style with leading copy that was at once aspirational and relevant, and supporting copy that spoke about craftsmanship and quality in a way that elevated the brand to a whole new level.

Without the notion of being perceived as cheap, Perroquet’s price-point, durability, and on-trend fashion appeal have had customers checking their local weeklies, social media, and email for updates and, most importantly, buying out the local stock and clamoring for the newly released online shopping option.