Project Lev

Mazel Ever After

Wait… Don’t throw that shattered glass away! What did you do with the shattered glass from under your chuppah? 


The JCommerce Group is the market leader in servicing the eCommerce needs of the global Jewish community. They’re on a mission to elevate the Jewish lifestyle by providing better access to products, convenience and service. This new line of products, Project Lev, was created to help couples capture their magic moment under the chuppah like never before.    

The Situation

The Jcommerce Group approached Ptex to help them develop a brand guide and brand assets to market a new line of products called Project Lev. With logo and packaging already in tow, they needed a website, product photography, a stop motion video, and gifs and illustrations to easily explain what these products are and who they serve. This gorgeous line is for newlyweds to help them create a keepsake of their wedding glass smashed under the chuppah and turn it into a beautiful mezuzah.

The Solution

We created all of Project Lev’s assets for social media advertising, providing them with the copy and stunning imagery for regular organic content, their website, and any other advertising they would need. With a semi-hilarious and relatable tone, we created the hashtag #ForKeeps, for them to utilize on social accounts, with ideas and examples for them to draw from. This product line has not only brought them a lot of success, but it has allowed so many couples to capture the magical moment under the chuppah like never before.