Our World is Their Playground

The Situation

Building off of our previous Swing It campaign, we were excited to tap into a whole new world of imagination. The goal for this year’s ad-extravaganza was to show a plethora of swing sets in various settings, highlighting versatility, inclusivity, and the ability to be the vehicle for any child’s imagination in any environment.

In suburbia with acres of land at your finger tips? They’ve got you covered. Squashed into your two-bedroom brooklyn apartment with four children and a tiny backyard playspace? They’ve got you covered there too. Our task was to get creative, strategize, and highlight this concept in the most unique, playful, and dynamically rich way possible.   


The Solution

With every aspect of this campaign so strategically crafted, we not only made it a priority to showcase a variety of beautiful swing sets, but we painted their brand in a unique light, evoking emotions of nostalgia and joy. 

The campaign also continues to expand their audience to a more inclusive and diverse demographic. While subtly yet intentionally including children young and old, of all abilities, and all cultural backgrounds, we were able to ensure that all children who enjoy Swingit sets were represented.  

With a gorgeous photo shoot with a variety of children and props, drone shots, detailed illustrations, carefully thought-out conceptual and messaging strategy, and lots of heart and soul, this campaign hit the spot, turned lots of new heads, and was a smashing success. 

At Ptex, our ads never stand alone. They’re always a part of a greater strategy that can be expanded and built on. For example, in our last Swing It campaign, we introduced their playful and mischievous mascot, Skipper the Squirrel, and he’s become the beloved face of their brand.