Creamy Dreamy

Did you ever think there would be something to satisfy your rich and flavorful cravings without putting your good health on the line?   

The full-bodied taste and texture of real avocado is brought to you in all its awesome, wholesome, heart-healthy, gut healthy, rich, smooth, flavorful glory. With half the fat and calories as egg and oil-based mayos, plus a simple ingredient list that’s 100% plant-based, Avonaise is on a mission to add more avo goodness to the repertoire of conscious, clean eaters everywhere. 

The Situation

Our objective was to establish Avonaise as the originator and sole producer of real avocado mayo. An independent brand breaking into the category with a passion for avocado and a mission of clean that will lend itself well to extension into horizontal brands that will orbit around the avocado as the hero of their story and of their brand. 

The Solution 

We harnessed this exciting opportunity and jumped into brand creation with all hands on deck. Our overall brand strategy involves all of the elements from colors, to fonts, to patterns, to illustrations for each flavor, to messaging that strongly reflects their sole purpose and speaks to their target audience. 

We even created a special face for the brand, and guess what her name is? Meet Avo! Personifying the avocado with an infectious, charming personality creates the relatability and likeability that keeps customers returning and referring. She’s “soft, smooth, creamy, and delicious on the inside and perfectly prime and gorgeously green on the outside, and yeah, she’s got a bit of a superiority complex, but who can blame her?”