Your Partner in Senior Care

Why is it so difficult to receive top-quality care within a nursing home or assisted living facility? DocRite knows, and they’re prepared to help.  

Founded by veterans of the skilled nursing industry, DocRite was created to provide elite onsite care to nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout the United States. It is the parent company of PediRite foot care services, SightRite eye care services, and DentRite oral health services– all of which follow one mission: To give seniors the health services they need, delivered with the dignity, care, and compassion they deserve. 


The Situation
We were familiar with the faces of DocRite before jumping into the task of creating a top-quality brand that would carry out their already phenomenal mission. Before DocRite took its name as the parent company of SightRite, DentRite, and PediRight, their main focus was SightRite– eye care services. With their expansion, they needed to reposition the brands they already have into a structure that would make sense to their business and target audience.  We were excited to create a new brand for their parent company and help them restructure their offerings. 


The Solution
We jumped into this task with force, creating a stunning visual presentation with a clean, yet engaging look, and clear, focused brand messaging with friendly, warm, and simplistic tones. In terms of repositioning DocRite to becoming the parent company, we kept a similar logo to the other companies for a cohesive and smooth transition. Press releases, videos, LinkedIn posts, and more would spread the news of this repositioning, and we’re honored to have been a part of it. We’re also extremely proud of our team for receiving the 57th annual GDUSA Health and Wellness Graphic Design Award.