Home is where the Harth is

The Situation

A newly established private label kitchen & homeware brand, Harthwood approached Ptex to help them establish a solid niche for their brand within the crowded kitchen and home category. In order to make the brand launch successful, the team would need to develop a unique brand with an emotionally compelling purpose and identity that would make Harthwood stand out among its many competitors.

The Creative Solution

We began with a deep and intense discovery phase to determine what truly set Harthwood apart, and the identity of their ideal target market. From there, we built out Hartwood’s warm, character-rich identity. We sought to capture Hartwood’s authenticity; their passion for the real, the raw, and the natural, thought-out craftsmanship, heartland US heritage. 

To foster a rich, earthy, homey feel, we centered the brand messaging around the tagline, Home is where the Harth is™. For the design, we built off the allure and warmth of genuine, natural, character-rich wood, and other natural elements. Clean, light textures, such as wood, marble, and stone play together with a soft, inviting palette of pastels. Branded fonts were carefully chosen to allude to craftsmanship with a subtle nod to wood carvings, while still being clear, rich, and easy-to-read. Proprietary “seals” further reinforce Hartwood’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Finally, to truly drive home Harthwood’s love of nature and the environment and foster brand goodwill with our target market, we created an ethical brand promise: “Buy a board, plant a tree.” For every cutting board sold, Harthwood makes a donation in support of global reforestation.

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