Infinite Care

Extraordinary Care. Infinite Possibilities.

The Situation 

Infinite Care’s success lies in their singular belief that if they emphasize care, there’s no limit on what can be achieved. They strive to enhance their residents’ quality of life and employee experience at their many facilities across New York and Florida, all while improving the bottom line performance. When Infinite Care approached Ptex, they were seeking to develop a cohesive brand that would unite all of their acquired facilities (each with its own unique flare) under one umbrella. 


The Solution 

Ptex took creative reign over executing a brand that would give a professional and prestigious, yet warm and friendly vibe. Our main goal was to achieve solid brand recognition by way of a revamped corporate logo, mission statement, messaging, taglines, slogans, colors, fonts, and more. In addition to brand development, we created a brochure that showcased their top-quality company while accentuating their positive results. It included a portfolio with case studies, statistics, testimonials, and beyond. Infinite Care has become a part of the Ptex family, as we’ve continued to partner with them and their many facilities on various marketing and promotional materials.