A Legend is Forever

The Situation

An Amazon seller of good quality cast iron pans ranking in the bottom tier, our client was looking to rebrand in a bid to rise above the cluttered, race to the bottom, me-too, also-ran brands offering substandard, uninspired, cast iron cookware, banking on price alone as the chief draw. In a category with a single brand leader, and no number two, we saw an opportunity for the brand to be the only brand on or off Amazon that could dare to compete head-to-head with the industry leader, Lodge. 


The Solution 

Our goal was to position the brand as the solid, accessible cast iron cookware brand that pays homage to the cast-iron heritage while catering to the modern cook. Through extensive research and competitive analysis, we were able to position them as a versatile, all-around performance line of exclusive cast iron cookware, exuding the confidence, credibility, longevity, and category leadership they were envisioning. 

We strategically crafted a name, tagline and messaging that represents the positioning and what they stand for, and went all out on the visuals to bring the brand to life. The results? Soon after launching on Amazon, the brand became a top-ranking seller in the category, going on to become second only to Lodge, the 100+-year-old brand leader in the industry. 

“Some tales are told, then soon forgotten, but a legend… is forever.”