Mega 53

Your Grocery Run in a Mega Minute

A neighborhood grocery store needed a face-lift to compete with the bigger supermarkets in the area. Others advised them to be “more elegant” and “more relaxing,” but our analysis of the target audience told us differently.

Mega 53 is located smack in the middle of a high-traffic street, the hubbub of Boro Park roaring from every which way. Ambulance sirens and trains blaring past. Subway riders rushing off to the station on the corner. Worshippers of the busy 24-hour synagogue down the block looking to catch a minyan and a bite to eat. These busy passersby, the bulk of Mega 53 patrons, were not there for a leisurely shop.

In a setting catered specifically to the harried and rushed, a calm, quiet brand would not fit.

Art for the Mart

What we delivered? Taking a mundane grocery store and giving it the character it needed to compete with the big guys, centered around the mission of speed and ease. Your groceries. Done, in one run.

Bold iconography and vibrant color schemes to delineate aisles and food categories. Highly visible uniforms and van wraps, accompanied by the “Mega Man” brand mascot, to portray the element of speed. Attractive interior and exterior signage, inviting all to a pleasant, efficient shopping experience.

Mega 53 quickly became the minute redefined; 60 seconds done faster.

What we did

  • Target audience analysis
  • Brand USP and mission
  • Brand voice and personality
  • Department descriptions
  • Logo
  • Iconography
  • Outdoor signage
  • Awning
  • Building facade
  • Uniforms (aprons, tshirts, jackets, caps)
  • Shelf talkers
  • Product labels
  • Shopping bags
  • Delivery boxes
  • Vehicle wrap