Sweet Value

Big on flavor. Sweet on value.

The Situation

With 20 years of experience in B2B candy, yet no branding or website to speak of, our client was looking to make a name for itself and stand out in the B2B candy making industry by combining the exuberance of candy tempered by the professionalism and solution-oriented approach of a commercial service brand.

Our objective was to position the brand as one that’s both with it and on-it. A capable, agile partner for buyers and merchandisers who will be looking to the brand for their candy expertise in private label and contract manufacturing, and tap their range of services from turnkey solutions to custom retail programs designed to capture consumer interest and drive up profits.

The Solution

With that duality in focus, we created a brand identity that conveys the convergence of candy, professionalism, and profits, bringing the fun, visual and sensory appeal of candy into play while projecting professionalism, specificity, capacity, power, and prowess. 

The brand’s verbal language as well, is at once passionate yet professional, direct and simplified, employing the technical language to show we know the industry and get their programmatic, technical, and profit-making needs, interspersed with sparks of light creativity that convey the joy of candy.

In addition to the corporate brand identity, we designed an attractive lineup of ‘better for you’ snack packaging under the Sweet Select brand, for retailers to adopt as-is or adapt to their own specifications under their own private label brands.