With Swingit, imaginations come to life

The Situation

Swingit creates high-quality, custom playsets for homeowners, communities, and institutions. In addition to price points that rival even those from big-box stores, they offer Amish-built workmanship, plus free design, free delivery, and free assembly.

When Swingit approached Ptex, their objectives for a 2020 campaign was two-fold:

1. Position Swing It as the go-to source for all playsets in the Jewish residential space

2. Impart the benefit of purchasing a swing set through Swingit in a way that was clear, succinct and impactful.

To add to the challenge, it was the start of winter and the campaign had to be ready for launch by the start of February, so outdoor photography was not an option.

The creative solution

We began crafting Swingit’s campaign strategy by asking a simple question: What does play look like through the eyes of a child?

Lost in a world of their own imagination, a playset becomes more than slides, swings, and climbing walls. From captaining a wheel to whipping up gourmet sand-cookies, it becomes a launching pad for endless, imaginative play.

To tackle the challenge of not being able to photograph models and equipment outdoors, our art team zoomed in on scenes that would feature specific playground equipment, then set those components up in a comfortable (and warm) indoor studio. We chose a talented photographer who could capture the magic on camera as well as models, wardrobes, and props that would convey Swingit’s playful, imaginative personality.

Post-photography, the art team got to work creating a visual scene that wove playful elements such as paper cut-outs, and created movement through dust, glitter and water sprays, with the child’s expression taking center stage.

In the final campaign, to ensure the campaign would truly drive sales “home,” we emphasized the top three compelling selling points that set Swingit apart from competitors: Free design, free delivery, and free assembly. We completed the campaign with the cheerful call to action:  “Let’s take this outside.”

And with that, the wildly successful, fun, and memorable Swingit campaign was born!