Mindful Mindlessness™

Not all who wander are lost.


The Situation

With absolutely no background in the crafting or art space, our client noticed that adult coloring books were a hot-selling item on Amazon. Tuning into the trend, he decided to offer a premium coloring book that would take the category up a notch while differentiating his offering from the competition. To make it happen, the client needed a theme and a brand story that would disrupt the space and allow for multiple coloring book variations. 

The Solution

Why would an adult search for a coloring book? Maybe they’re stressed or anxious, or maybe they need something to help them wind down at the end of the day. They may also just need to give themselves the gift of time to let their mind and creativity run free. To wander. We structured the brand around the idea of encouraging people to embrace the wanderer within.

In developing the brand (and the product line) we created a new experience for coloring enthusiasts and amateurs alike, taking them on a trip around the world, expanding their horizons, and giving their minds a break while expanding it simultaneously. We named this phenomenon mindful mindfulness and encouraged people to unplug and detox, converting mindless downtime into a pleasurable pastime.

“Allow your mind to wander. Or focus on the here and now. There’s no wrong road to take, no fork in the road that will lead you astray. A mosaic of colors in the unique combination of intensity, mediums, and colors you’ve chosen will emerge, and your downtime will have turned into a pastime as you treat yourself to an impromptu escape and getaway. A never-ending journey to the obscure and the familiar.”