Experience Fresh

With a beautiful, newly renovated location next to a subway station, we gave Yidel’s Fresh Food Station (formerly Yidel’s Shopping Cart) a boost with memorable, inviting, personality-filled branding to bring more locals customers in the door.

The Story

Because of rapidly rising competition in the area, Yidel’s Grocery, a local neighborhood grocery in Boro Park, was losing market share. They came to us looking to reclaim their piece of the pie.

Following a comprehensive brand audit, we set out to scout the location and the in-store experience, getting a firsthand peek into the mindset of the average passerby and consumer.

So there we were, underneath the iconic D train tracks, standing outside the nondescript exterior of the store, caught in an absolute downpour.

Drenched to the core, we grumbled to ourselves how nice it would be to have somewhere fresh, warm and inviting for us to dry our chilly bones for a quick minute.

Creativity cued, campaign ensued.

Yidel’s Grocery was renamed Yidel’s Fresh Food Station, with a name and instantly recognizable visual identity that paid homage to its metro-centric location, and formed the foundation of its new positioning.

No longer just a simple grocery, but a food station. Fresh. Welcoming. Delightful.

Typography, signage and other visual assets were inspired by Massimo Vignelli, the renowned designer of the MTA signage and symbols.

New divisions were introduced—salad bar, sushi bar, and coffee station—that enforced the new positioning and enhanced the in-store consumer experience. Departments and services that had previously been undersold or ignored entirely were now prominently featured, both in the store and the local papers.

We developed a robust point-of-sale loyalty program, rewards referral program, which quickly resulted in a significant uptick in consumer retention.

The result was a fresh new take for Yidel’s, an experience that brought back their old clientele, and herded new customers in droves.


What we did

  • Naming Strategy
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Rewards Model
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Store flow