80% Psychology and 20% Systems: Guiding Business & Personal Growth

With Mordechai KleinEP 137

Is there a way to overcome the anxieties and lack of self-confidence that interfere with your business and your life, and prevent you from achieving your dreams?

Some people have expertise in business, some in psychology… and then there’s Mordechai Klein, LCSW-R,  who combines various talents to create a unique approach to coaching in business and life. In this episode of Let’s Talk Business, Meny has a serious conversation with Mordechai about his theories of psychology and business, and how they intersect. Mordechai talks about the importance of systems, the idea that change occurs primarily in a person’s mindset, how to look forward instead of back, building self-confidence and crushing anxiety, and much more.


[00:01 – 15:15] Opening Segment

• Mordechai’s mission is to help growing businesses flourish as partners

The two parts of his personality- an entrepreneur with big ideas and a systematic, structured thinker
• When Mordechai’scuriosity about human nature and psychology began

• Past should be acknowledged and accepted, but not dwelled on for too long

• Discussing the mechanics of any topic won’t make you successful, you need to take action


[15:16 – 28:49] Understanding the 80/20 Psychology and Systems Balance

• Why 80% psychology and 20% systems are needed for personal and business development

• Hard work is not going back to the past, but implementing the right tools, and systems in every area of life

• Life is difficult and real satisfaction comes from overcoming challenges

How to overcome thought processes and build a healthy work relationship
• Constantly look for ways to improve and break through ceilings


[28:50 – 42:06] Overcoming Anxiety and Low Self-Confidence

• How to identify, acknowledge and work on your beliefs

Why the two foundations of anxiety are avoidance and exposure
• How the lack of self-confidence is a belief usually linked to high levels of anxiety

• Understanding the source of negative beliefs and restructuring thinking around them

A systematic approach to personal development through relationship building

[42:07 – 54:56] Closing Segment

• How to make EOS systems work for your company

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Practical Pointers
Some people say that you should “work smarter, not harder.” But in truth, you need to work both smart and hard - with “smart” meaning to invest 20% of your effort in perfecting systems, and “hard” meaning to invest 80% of your time in adjusting your mindset.
Even though having a system is only 20% of what needs to be done to make your business work efficiently, that 20% is absolutely essential and has to come before you work on your mindset. Job One is getting a basic system in place; once you have that foundation, you can start to rectify the other part make up the other 80% of the recipe.
When you experience anxiety as a businessperson, don’t repress it; instead, acknowledge it and talk about it with the people around you - even with the person who may be causing that anxiety. It might be difficult, but avoiding anxiety will only make the anxiety increase and become greater. Remember that you create anxiety by avoiding it, and crush anxiety by exposing it.
Enhancing self-confidence is a two-step process. First, overcome the negative beliefs about yourself by seeing where they come from, which allows you to see that these are beliefs and not a description of who you really are; and second, create a new, positive self image by doing the things you think you need to do. Repeatedly doing the things you want to do but are afraid of doing will help you mold yourself into the person you want to be.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Mordechai Klein

1. The You To Be™️ Executive Coaching Program
2. You To Be daily inspiration WhatsApp groups.

Certified EOS Implementer.

Serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses.

Successful real estate owner with a significant portfolio of multifamily units in New York New Jersey.

Business-Kup podcast host, featuring business & psychology practical insights.

Founder of the Hatzolah PFR team. (psychiatric first responders)

A passionate globetrotter, constantly seeking out new destinations and cultural experiences.

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