Mastering the Art of Blending Worlds

With Rabbi Shmuel ReichmanEP 162

Sometimes, we like to imagine that business success can be separated from success in other areas of life. But as Meny Hoffman, host of the Let’s Talk Business Podcast, often says, life is like a car with four wheels: the wheels of spiritual goals, financial goals, health goals, and family goals; if one wheel is flat, the others won’t do much good.

In this conversation with international speaker, bestselling author, business coach, and CEO of Self-Mastery Academy Rabbi Shmuel Reichman, Meny and Shmuel discuss the importance of personal development as a part of business success, the need to create an integrated life, the necessity of having a vision and the ways to divide that vision into bite-size goals, avoiding irrational fears of failure, having partners to whom you can be accountable, and much more.


[00:01 – 07:45] Opening Segment

• Introducing Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

An international speaker, bestselling author, business coach, and CEO of Self Mastery Academy
• Personal development is vital to personal success, family success, and business success

• Shmuel’s expertise on topics of business, psychology, Jewish thought, and leadership

[07:46 – 22:30] How Self-Development Can Help You Achieve Financial Success

• We need to live a blended life, focusing on spiritual goals, financial goals, health goals, and family goals

• Personal development is not just about growth but also about balance and long-term success

The recipe for success is to understand who you are and tap into your greatness
• Success in personal life does not need outside approval

[22:31 – 36:18] A Guide to Self-Development and Personal Growth

• Why you need to get a clear sense of your identity and purpose in life

People who are stuck need coaching or consulting from someone outside themselves to push them
• The importance of building habits and getting accountability from friends or family

• The only way to start is to build a mindset and overcome limiting beliefs

[36:19 – 49:35] Mastering Self-Awareness and Building a Shared Vision

• Success takes years of hard work and dedication – focus on micro wins and momentum

• Self-awareness, confidence, and patience are hard to quantify

• Surround yourself with the right types of people and ideas that will help you grow

• Mixing family and business is possible if done right

[49:36 – 58:35] Closing Segment

• Businesses sometimes fall apart due to different values or visions

• The importance of communication, shared values, and understanding each other’s concerns

• Schnuel on the rapid-fire questions

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Practical Pointers
Learn to recognize the difference between rational and irrational fears. Too often, people are afraid of failure even though there’s no reason to believe that failure is likely. By recognizing and overcoming irrational fears, and allowing yourself to get out of your comfort zone, you remove one of the main road blocksto great success.
It’s important to have a big and impressive vision; but you’ll probably get discouraged if the goal appears beyond reach. Instead, divide your time into bite-size goals so that you can reach for the first step before trying to get to the second. You accomplish this by thinking of a realistic time frame for something very big, then orienting this year towards one step of that goal, and this month towards one step of the yearly goal, and this day towards one step of the monthly goal… and you’ll find that the big goals are suddenly achievable.
Even when you have bite-size goals on the way to the big vision, you still need accountability. That’s why having a partner is essential: a spouse, a coach, or someone else who will make sure that you’re doing what you set out to do. And even more important than an outside person is to change your mindset so that eventually you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable.
You often hear people say that we shouldn’t mix family and business. But that’s not necessarily the case. Your spouse is committed to you for the long term, has the same mission and goals as you do, and is 100% trustworthy, supportive, and cheering you on to succeed. It requires vulnerability and communication; but if you can make it work, there’s no partner who could be better.
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Guest Bio
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Rabbi Shmuel Reichman

Rabbi Shmuel Reichman is an international speaker, bestselling author, business coach, and the CEO of Self-Mastery Academy. He has lectured internationally on topics of business, psychology, Jewish thought, and leadership. His videos, articles, and inspiring content have reached millions of people worldwide and his online courses have revolutionized the way self-development is being taught. He is the author of the bestselling book, The Journey to Your Ultimate Self, and his online Masterclass, Self-Mastery Academy, is a transformative online self-development course based on the principles of high-performance psychology and leadership.

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