Creating Income from Home By Utilizing Things You Already Know

With Martha KrejciEP 128

Nowadays, as more and more people work from home, having multiple income streams is increasingly important – and world-renowned marketing expert Martha Krejci has created a system to help you maximize profits by developing these streams one at a time. Join Meny Hoffman as he and Martha talk about affiliate marketing, how many income streams a person should have, what social media platforms you should emphasize and which you shouldn’t, how to use SEO to get to the top of Google searches, and much more.


Key Highlights:

[00:01 – 07:50] Opening Segment

• How Martha’s mindset led her to become an entrepreneur.

Why quitting her job and starting her own business was a defining moment in her journey
• How Martha created an exit strategy and goal for her business

• Be realistic with your goals and not be overly optimistic

[07:51 – 19:40] How to Succeed When Starting Your Own Business

• How Martha realized moving to the SEO space was a good fit for their skills and experience

Why her previous corporate experience helped her to be prepared for the entrepreneurial path
• What you need to create content that gets you results

Giving away free training sessions on SEO and ecommerce
• Google is a great tool to determine what content to create in order to rank well

[19:41 – 31:26] How to Create Content That Gets Scraped

• Why long-form content is not as effective as shorter content

• People should focus on one medium and master it before branching out

Figure out what platforms are most authentic to them and focus on those
• How to be successful in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start off with income
[31:27 – 43:54] Closing Segment

• Martha on the rapid-fur questions

• Q&A: When is my business ready for rebranding?

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Practical Pointers
Emphasizing service to others rather than thinking about yourself is a powerful way to overcome the fear of starting your own business.
Build your business by giving it away. Start off by offering to share what you know without any conditions; even though you’re teaching people how to do it themselves, they’ll probably pay for someone to do it for them - and you just showed them that you’re the expert they should hire.
SEO changes, but content always wins. There is no replacement for good content.
A great way of being found on Google is to scroll down to where it says “People Also Ask.” Google is literally telling you what people want to know - so write a 300-500 word blog post on exactly that question, and use Google’s question as the title of the post.
You need to be on YouTube and create blog posts. But only join other social media platforms where you already have some degree of mastery. If you show up everywhere, it won’t be authentic - and people will figure that out pretty quickly.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Martha Krejci

Martha Krejci is a world-renowned expert in the areas of SEO, organic traffic, and personal brand building. She uses these three skill sets together to teach everyday people how to make sustainable and even scalable income with affiliate marketing. Fortune 500 companies often invite her to teach their own affiliates how to be more successful. Other companies have put her on their payroll to educate their own affiliates on a regular basis because they see a major uptick in activity after she speaks.

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