Grow Your Business Through a Giving Mindset

With Rabbi Daniel LapinEP 141

What does “America’s Rabbi” know about business? Plenty, as it turns out. Listen in when Meny talks with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, host of the weekly television show Ancient Jewish Wisdom and author of books like Thou Shall Prosper, about the ways that ancient Jewish wisdom contains the keys to prosperity and financial success. Rabbi Lapin explains why a giving mindset is crucial, how to avoid the incorrect idea that prosperity means taking something away from people, whether the trope that Jews are good with money actually contains an important truth, why you need to increase your circle of friends (and how to do it) when high intelligence can work against you, and more.


[00:01 – 08:21] Opening Segment

• Discover the secrets of financial success

• The nature of earning money and bringing in the spiritual part

• How Jewish people are disproportionately good with money

• Check out Thou Shall Prosper

[08:22 – 16:12] Understanding How the World Works

• Why a high IQ is not beneficial for business success

• Success comes from understanding how the world works and exchanging value

• People are often uncomfortable when asked to name a price for their goods or services

• Paying a fair price is essential to avoid exploitation and ensure satisfaction

[16:13 – 24:33] Escaping the Shackles of a Bad Spiritual Schematic

• Making money is often associated with evil and greed in society

• What “the rich must pay their fair share” means

• Making money is not taking; it is evidence that you have served another human being.

• People should focus on making money as a way to serve God

[24:34 – 32:55] The Secret to Financial Success

• Wealth is not defined by money but by satisfaction with one’s portion in life

• The Five Fs of success (family, physical fitness, friendships, finance, and faith)

• Why employees should think of themselves as independent contractors

• More business is generated through relationships than at business development meetings

[32:56 – 44:35] Expand Your Network and Increase Your Wealth

• Authenticity is essential when trying to build relationships with successful people

• Torah system encourages kindness and goodness for financial abundance

• Look for opportunities to give, not take

• Exploring the interconnectedness of God, money, family, friends, and health

[44:36 – 52:41] Closing Segment

• Rabbi Daniel on the rapid-four questions

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Practical Pointers
People often see no difference between taking money and making money; and you cannot flourish when deep down you’re convinced that you’re doing something wrong. When you internalize that making is not taking, you’ll be comfortable setting a fair price, and will avoid the misplaced feeling of guilt that often accompanies a request for payment.
Everyone should think of himself as an independent business professional and contractor, even if right now he’s an employee. Because it’s true: even someone who serves coffee at Starbucks is a contractor, who for the moment has only one client. By using this mindset, you’ll start thinking about how you can get additional customers, and thereby grow your confidence and your earning potential.
Since we all do business with people we know, we like, and we trust, it turns out that one of the biggest sources of success is having a large circle of friends. So make a list of all your friends - meaning, people who return your calls within 24 hours - and then start developing techniques to expand it. If you’re not adding to that list every month, you’re doing something wrong.
Building relationships is about giving in personal ways. Always send handwritten notes, which are more likely to be appreciated, and will get past the secretary. And take notes on index cards about what matters to the people you meet, so that you can find ways of doing things they’ll appreciate. In short: it always helps to be a giver.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Rabbi Daniel Lapin, known widely as America’s Rabbi, is a noted rabbinic scholar, best-selling author and TV host. He is president of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, author of America’s Real War, Thou Shall Prosper and other best-sellers. A frequent guest on Fox News, WallBuilders Radio, and Glenn Beck TV, he hosts his own popular radio and podcast programs with audiences world-wide. With his wife, Susan, he hosts the weekly television show Ancient Jewish Wisdom on the TCT Television Network. Pairing his inheritance as a descendant of a multi-generational rabbinical family with his background in science and business, he teaches ancient Jewish wisdom in an unparalleled manner.

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