Heard, Understood, & Appreciated: Discovering Effective Communication Skills

With Keith HaddrillEP 148

Technology has put us in with more people than ever before, but somehow we’re also more isolated and alone. NLP Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Coach Keith Haddrill – who has been performing on stages since he was four years old and has spent a lifetime studying human behavior and interactions – has some fascinating suggestions for how to break down barriers, improve our communication skills, and learn to connect with people on a deep and meaningful level. Join Meny and Keith as they talk about our models of the world, the impact of non-verbal communication, the problem of self-limiting beliefs and how to overcome them, and much more.


[00:01 – 07:26] Opening Segment

• Keith shares his background and story

Using Worldclass Oneism, Magic, Hypnosis, and Humor to transform teams for the better
• Communication is vital to many things around us.

• How to unlock the power of connection in the workplace

[07:27 – 15:05] The Human Dynamics of Business

• Business is about humans interacting with humans

• People realized they were tired of trading their life for dollars

They want a sense of belonging, fulfillment, and job satisfaction
• How technology is outpacing sociology and leading to increased cases of depression and anxiety

[15:06 – 22:35] A Paradigm Shift in Leadership During the Pandemic

• People are hungry to be back together but need to learn how to work within workplace conflicts

Leaders need to communicate the benefits of being back in the office
• How social media has made it difficult to connect with others in person

• Each person has a map of reality based on their belief structure and formative experiences

[22:36 – 30:12] Understanding Models of the World to Connect with People

• Switched the paradigm from “What do I need this person to do for me?” to “How can I serve them?”

• Finding commonality is critical to connecting with people and building relationships

• How our models of the world can cause damage to communities

• Confirmation bias leads us to accept evidence that supports our beliefs

[30:13 – 37:53] A Guide to Feeling Heard, Understood, and Appreciated

• People will do anything to feel heard, understood, and appreciated

• Sometimes, people use excuses to validate why they are not successful

• How one can decide to take charge of their life -The twin brothers’ story

• We tend to find excuses for our failures and not take charge of our own life

[37:54 – 45:17] Closing Segment

• How you can overcome limiting-beliefs

• Keith on the rapid four questions

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Practical Pointers
Only 7% of communication is the words you use; the rest - 93% - takes place through nonverbal personal interaction. When your workforce doesn’t come to the office, the possibility of miscommunication is overwhelming. Keep that in mind when deciding how much you want your employees to work remotely.
Each of us creates our own map of reality, or our own model of the world; and a big part of connecting with other people is finding where your maps or models overlap. Ask questions of the people around you so that you can discover the point where your visions intersect - and from then on, communicating will be much easier and more effective.
On the other hand, if we only look at our own models of the world, we’ll never move beyond our preconceived notions of how things work, and how people act. This will hamper communication just as much as seeing other people’s models will help it.
When you feel stuck by a self-limiting belief, write it down on an index card. That way you can confront it properly, recognize that you’re writing a story, and - most importantly - realize that there may be different (and better) endings than the ending you’ve already envisioned.
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Guest Bio
Person Image
Keith Haddrill

Keith Haddrill has been an avid student of human behavior and human thought processes his entire life. He is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a Certified Coach, a Certified Master Hypnotist, and a member of Mensa. He also holds multiple specialty certifications in the fields of hypnosis and NLP. He has entertained and enlightened thousands of audiences around the world using world-class ventriloquism, magic, hypnosis, and humor to transform teams for the better in fun and disarming ways.

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